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Why Go Solar?

Going solar is not for everyone, however most people benefit from going solar and save hundreds of dollars on their energy bill find out here if you are the right fit! 

But that’s not it!

Below are some other reasons of why you should consider switching to solar today!

  • Federal Solar Tax Credit
  • California Home Solar Rebates

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Trying to find reputable solar companies can be difficult!
Why spend time and effort going back and forth to try and find solar installation companies. Let us do the work for you. Our team of experts are always shopping for solar companies near a city by you so you don’t have too.

By filling an solar company request you will be contacted by an expert near you. Based off your zip code we will have one of our solar partners  contact you with more information about renewable energy.

Solar Fun Fact #1

Solar Fun Fact #1

Solar panels can boost home values

Solar Fun Fact #2

Solar Fun Fact #2

A residential PV system can cut 100 tons of CO2

Solar Fun Fact #3

Solar Fun Fact #3

The Earth receives enough sunlight in one hour to power the world for one year



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Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions

Our Most Common Solar Questions

1. Why should I go solar?

By going solar you are protecting yourself with the never ending electricity bill increases. At the same type you are building and rasing your homes asset.

2. Will I still get an electricity bill?

Unless you are fully off and using 100% of the battery to power your home and off the grid, you will continue to get an electricity bill for the extra electricity boost you need. The bill will be much, much less!

3. How much to maintain?

Solar panels are durable and made with the intent of durability for a long period of time. They require little to no maintenance for 25-30 years.

4. What are my solar finance options?

Upcoming Solar Finance Options Soon Available for You!

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